Wedding Anniversary Party – Who Else Wants Organizing a 50th Wedding Anniversary Event?

Many people who are married are always looking forward to this very day in their entire lives. Especially for couples reaching the age of 50 years old, they are always looking forward to their wedding anniversary. If you are one of them and are thinking organizing a 50th wedding anniversary event for your parents, relatives or even close friends, then there are a few matters you have to consider.

What To Include In The Celebrations?

There are different matter that symbolizes a period that a couple has married. As gold is the traditional symbol for a 50th wedding anniversary, you’ll may want to include gold into the d├ęcor.

With those who are budget conscious, you can do with very inexpensively with gold ribbon, gold candles, or by adding gold stars to ivory candles. Also, you may want to paint the invitation card gold in color to further enhance the occasion.

Although most people may not have much trouble compiling a guest list just because the “young” couple has had 50 years of accumulated friends and associates, this is the perfect kind of party for a small, intimate gathering.

If for example, you were to invite some 6 to 10 couples and their immediate families, there will be ample time and space to move around the house and listen to their marriage building experiences and stories.

It might be a surprise to the golden couple or simply involved on the planning stage, when you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party. Only when you are very close to them, it not encouraged for this kind of party as a surprise.

Women, especially start dreaming about planning a 50th wedding anniversary event much like they once dreamed of getting married in the first place. She or they might have plans of what kind of party they would like this to be.

How To Get Greetings and Well-Wishes From U.S. President?

It is simple to request greetings from the White House for the occasion. For people who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or their 80th birthday and beyond, the White House will send a card signed by the president for the happy occasion.

They ask that you send your request six weeks before the event and they will send the greeting out ten days before the event. This is something most people do not know, so why are waiting for, go on ask the U.S. President for his blessings.

If you have access to memorabilia, a scrapbook detailing their 50 years together would make a wonderful gift. Old pictures, accomplishments, mementoes, highs and even some lows could be chronicled here.

Some light entertainment such as a simple video of the couple 50 years life or a short skit would also make a great gift for the couple. You may also want to leave time for toasts and warn guests ahead of time that you’ll be calling on them to toast to the special couple.

When it comes to this type of celebrations, presents can be a sticky issue. Some people choose to ask for donations to a favorite charity in lieu of gifts. Some people still bring a gift. There’s no right or wrong answer on this.

As you are organizing a 50th wedding anniversary event, keep the wishes of the golden couple in mind and try to honor any requests they have made.

Understanding the fact of a good planning of a 50th wedding anniversary event that are easy to follow and implement and now allowing you to side-track is really allowing you to enjoy this memorable time once again. So, please do not wait any longer before giving another excuse to realize your dream honeymoon and wedding goals again.

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Choosing 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 50th Wedding Anniversary is recognized as a major milestone in a couples’ life. The event is generally celebrated with a party for family and friends, including 50th wedding anniversary gifts. After all, being with the same person for half of your life is surely worth a party with presents.

A Short History On Wedding Anniversaries

The 50th Wedding Anniversary has a greater history than any other anniversary. They have been celebrated for 500 to 700 years and originated in the Germanic region of Europe. You may think that this sounds a little odd, as people actually died younger in those days and did not live long enough to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. However, if the childhood diseases were avoided, then the people of that time lived to a healthy age.

Is A Golden Gift Necessary?

If you know a couple who are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary, it is not necessary to purchase them a gift of gold. You could purchase them a gift with a gold theme, or you could choose to give them the flower that represents 50 years of marriage, which is namely the violet. However, violets do require a certain amount of looking after, so it may be better to do this if you know that they have green fingers. You could also purchase the happy couple an attractive hand tied bouquet which is finished with a gold ribbon.

Photographs Speak Volumes

A nice 50th anniversary gift would be to present the couple with a beautiful photograph of themselves of either their wedding day, or of their silver anniversary. There are numerous attractive photograph frames that have been especially designed 50th wedding anniversary gifts and many are finished off with delightful touches of gold. You may even want to purchase a double photograph frame so that you can present the happy couple with ‘then and now’ pictures. This will add a special touch and turn the item into a keepsake.

Champagne Anyone?

As the 50th wedding anniversary is a time for celebration then you may wish to purchase special champagne along with some decorative champagne flutes. There are flutes available in amber tinted glass, or with inscriptions and gold accents. It is even possible to have the champagne personalized or presented in an attractive cask. Of course, you could also purchase more traditional gifts such as mugs and cushions that have golden wedding anniversary decorations.

A Timeless Gift – The Anniversary Plate

If you wish to give a 50th anniversary gift that is highly personal, then there are numerous options available. It is possible to give a personalized 50th wedding anniversary plate, or you could opt for naming a star in the heavens for the romantic couple. You could even have a poem written for the occasion. A family name gift set which is designed to help the happy couple to explore the history behind their family names is another gift idea that can be enjoyed for years to come.

As with all anniversaries, the 50th is a special occasion which should most definitely be celebrated. There are numerous anniversary gifts available that you can choose from. It is always nice to purchase a keepsake on an occasion such as this, however, it is important to bear in mind that many people have the same ideas, so it may be worth discussing what other family members and friends are considering for 50th wedding anniversary gifts so that a duplication is not made.

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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas – 5 Romantic Gifts For Your Silver Wedding Anniversary

A 25th Wedding anniversary by and large, marks a major milestone in a couple’s marriage life that should be properly celebrated. For centuries, marriage has been considered as a sacred lifelong bond between a couple that only deaths can do them apart. With so many options available on the market and a budget to follow, selecting the best gift for your partner can be quite a daunting task.

Here, we list 5 wonderful gift ideas that should come in handy for some brainstorming:

1. Gifts related to his/her hobby. Even a small 25th Anniversary gift can leave big impression to the receiver if it is closely related to his/her hobby. For instance, if your significant other spends much of his/her time in the cellar among his/her wine collection, you might be interested in purchasing antique silver wine accessories. You may also consider purchasing a set of silver goblets that will leave a favorable impression to his/her wine-loving friends who come over for a glass or two.

2. Give personalized gifts. Personalized 25th Anniversary Gift may be simple made-to-order item that contains words or parts that relate to the wedding date or the couple. You may consider giving Anniversary Book Times. This is a leatherette book that contains 3 complete newspapers from you and your loved one’s birth dates and your wedding day. The book can be personalized with the name of the recipient, the chosen date and greetings.

3. Gifts that are on his/her wish list. You can check his/her wish list or ask him/her casually few months before the anniversary to help you get better picture of the perfect 25th Anniversary Gift. Nevertheless, if you do not know what to give him/her gift cards are the easiest way to help him/her get the items in his/her secret wish list accurately and efficiently.

4. Buy a memorable experience. This relates closely with your spouse’s hobbies and personal preferences. For example, if your partner loves to cook and enjoy a good meal, you can purchase walking culinary tasting package for your 25th Anniversary Gift where you will be guided to visit well-known eateries and taste original recipes at off-the-beaten-path family-owned restaurants.

5. Book a romantic getaway. You can make the day memorable for years to come by booking a romantic getaway for you and your spouse. Browse around for online travel sites and select a place that you consider best for spending a weekend together to relight the romance. Set a specific budget for this getaway and make all the necessary changes if needed.

For those who are on a budget, you can always find the best anniversary gift for your silver jubilee. Some of the great, affordable 25th anniversary gifts you can find on the web are silver plated wedding certificate holder, silver plated double wedding ring photo frame. But if you wish to purchase a 25th Anniversary Gift that is quite expensive, you should consider setting aside a sum of money in the few months prior to your important date to ensure can enjoy a romantic and memorable anniversary without burning a hole in your monthly budget.

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How to Organize a Special Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

In planning to give a meaningful gift to a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, you need to plan and use some of your creative juice. Plan ahead and work out your plan taking into consideration important factors in the lives of the celebrants over the past 25 years. Figure out a lavish budget your pocket can afford and within such figure, list down possible best gifts in your assumed order of priorities based on how the couple will react. Visualize what they will comment for each gift. Will they cherish and remember it for a long time?

The traditional theme of a 25th wedding anniversary is silver and with that in mind, whatever appropriate gifts you will list down must have something silver attached to it literally or symbolically. How creative or imaginative can you get when you think of a present focused on the silver theme? Whether the couple is your parent, relatives or friends, your gift should reflect just how much you show your care and affection. Much more if you are the celebrant and your gift is for your spouse of 25 years.

This silver anniversary is classified as a momentous occasion or a milestone in the life of this wonderful couple. It is a proof of true love, respect and honor to one’s commitment to the marriage vows to go through life’s trials, failures and successes, tribulations or triumphs together.

What touching and loving gift can you come up with? How about organizing a silver anniversary party celebration to be mutually funded by immediate family members, close relatives, friends, members of the wedding entourage, wedding sponsors and special guests. If the celebrants are fond of dancing, book a ball room in a classy hotel. The wedding anniversary cake should have a silver topper and 25 candles adorned with silver ribbons. In as much as Iris is the flower symbol for the silver celebration, a bouquet of iris and red roses painted in silver will be presented to the wife and a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to the husband.

During the scripted program, a video presentation highlighting videos, photos of the couple when they were children, teenagers, adults, as married couple, children, grandchildren, friends, homes, trips, including some greetings from friends and family members. Pre-planned gifts to be presented to the couple can be concert tickets enclosed in a silver envelope, engraved silver platter loaded with fruits, cheeses, Belgian chocolates and nutritional supplements. Some guests may choose to give a silver framed family portrait, a CD with popular songs from the 25 years of marriage, a quilt with family photos, a poem written in silver ink and framed in silver.

Others who wish to honor the couple can present a silver painted wish tree attached with gift certificates to an Italian or Thai restaurant, traveler’s checks, weekend get away, spa and massage therapy certificates, gym or dance exercise membership’s certificates. Special gifts from family members can be personalized silverwares, silver jewelry rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches for the couple.

If some guests would like something unique, they can give a series of gifts to trace the quarter of a century of spending life together. The sponsors will pool their funds together and come up with some contemporary or traditional gifts representing some historical facets about the couple from their first wedding anniversary down to the 25th wedding anniversary. These 25 different gifts will again be presented during the program in another video powered presentation.

Rest assured that if you and your inner circle were able to organize the silver anniversary party and hold it successfully with the actual delivery of the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary gifts, they will be overwhelmingly touched and will forever cherish this gesture of love and best wishes from all of you.

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